Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You're In My Sights

Once upon a time, in a frigid land (Michigan), long, long ago (about 6 years) there were two girls who were the best of friends. They lived together, they went out with friends together, they cooked together, and they...killed together?! Ok, Ok, not really.

To clarify the story, when I was so very much younger, 23, I lived in that frigid land (Michigan), and was one of the girls in the above story... the other was my friend Jacquie, whom I affectionately called/call Yaki. We went to school together for design, lived together for a year, hung out with all the same people, and sick of having to explain what we did for a living, what it entailed, and why we did it, so we decided to come up with a far cooler sounding profession...we were going to be professional hitwomen. The joke went so far that I designed us each business cards and had them printed. She was 'the brains', because she was the organized one, and I was 'the brawn' because #1, I have huge muscles (not really), and #2, I can shoot guns. The business cards were simple (mine is shown below, but don't get any ideas- it's not my phone number anymore..hehe), with only the words 'the brains' or 'the brawn' on the front of a black business card in the middle of a gunsight, and on the middle of a stark white back, just a phone number, nothing else. It was fun. We never actually performed any hits, but we did kill a few beers and Yesterdogs* in our time...

*(best hot dogs on earth, in Grand Rapids, MI...order the 'Lucy' if you go)

Fast forward to now. Yaki and I are separated by a few years, and a few thousand miles, but I still have those damn business cards, so today, I did nails to match. :)

My business card:

The nails:

I used American Apparel Hassid as a base, with Nubar Stronghold for the gunsight, then I used Sally Hansen All the White Stuff as a base for American Apparel Downtown L.A. for the red dot in the middle. Topped everything off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.

Bang Bang, this lady shot you down

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