Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tiny Update & Nerdy Math Nails

Sooo.... sorry I haven't put up a tutorial in a week. Just thought I would say I won't be able to get a tutorial up for another week, at least! I'm going on a trip all weekend (Fri-Sun) so it's going to be harder to make one with Saturday out. I also have been focusing on schoolwork instead of nail tutorials, so I apologize for that! I really would love to make tutorials like 3 times a week, but realistically it can't happen.

Meanwhile, here is a nail design that I did that wasn't something I would make in to a tutorial, but I thought they were pretty funny.

Pinky - Addition 
Ring - Subtraction

Middle - Multplication
Pointer - Division

Thumb - Pi

Heh heh, just showing you my nerdy side. (Btw, if I memorized the first 20 numbers of pi, does that make me a nerd?!) Haha, anyways....
Heh heh.

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