Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tiramisu Cupcakes and Changing Tires

I was in a car accident last night! 

Whilst driving home from this party I was at, I dropped a tiramisu cupcake I was bringing home for my sister (her fav). As I reached over to grab it I swerved into the curb and almost hit a tree! Thankfully I reacted in time and steered away just missing it but in the process scraping and popping two tires against the pavement! 

So there I was in the halfway home all alone! Thankfully two young guys came to my rescue and changed the tires! What would we girls do without guys? 

Lesson 1, forget cupcake.

Lesson 2, realize that it’s not always better being Miss Independent, it’s the most wonderful thing having men around to help when you’re the damsel in distress.

Lesson 3 and most importantly, learn to change a tire!

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