Monday, June 27, 2011

Flower Designs Nail Art - Your Getaway to Beautiful Nails

Stunning Sun Flower Nail Designs

Easy Create White Flower Nail Designs

Awesome Nail designs Yellow Floral

Multi Color Flowers Fashionable Nail Designs

Red Rose One Finger For Valentine Day

Glitter And Flower Blue Color Nail Style

Orange Floral Nail Design

White Color Lily Flowers Nail Designs

Simple And Quick Flower Nails Designs

blue Nail Art


  1. Hello,I am the owner of the orange floral nail design picture.
    You have NOT asked me if you may use my picture and also you have modified my picture by cropping it.
    That is copyright infringement ! On my blog it is clearly stated that pictures cannot be copied without permission.

    Remove the picture or at least have the respect to state the source of the picture.

  2. @CookingChinchillas

    You get her girl! <3

    and this to theif... what the hell are you doing? I'm pretty sure this is illegal.

  3. oh God . . . . you people that are sooo concerned about copyright, so this person didn't state specifically where these photos came from, but for all you know they did a google image search and saved it to the computer. I do that all the time just to get ideas of what to do to my nails. They were just trying to inspire people. Get over yourselves. Designs have been done and re-done so much that it really doesn't matter. Don't make a scene about it on the internet because no one gives a crap

    1. Clearly you do not know what you are talking about and are not an artist. As someone who doesn't even do nail art, but is a digital artist I can tell you how infuriating it is to see someone take credit for someone else's work, or to even post it and give no credit to the artist! We are all still people right? When did the internet become a "free for all, who gives a crap, I can do anything I want to because it's the internet?" A key point you stated is that you have searched google and saved it to your computer much like many people do, however, this is a blog and this person has taken it upon herself to make these images that she has stolen public. BIG difference than you keeping it for personal use dum dum. It doesn't matter if these ideas have already been done because SOMEONE took the TIME, and EFFORT to do the art, take the photos, edit said photos, write a blog post, and post it to the internet with what I assume are copyright warnings alongside or at the bottom of the blog. So now we are just letting people do whatever the heck they want, because damn it this is the internet. Seriously how old are you? Grow up, I know your kind stop being a little skeez.