Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring/Summer Nail Polish Trend (What's In, What's Out)

Yea, I have pretty much been neglecting this blog and the reason is: life! That and I'm not really sure what designs to do. So to let you know that I'm still alive, I need to post a post that actually has a point. I decided to make a little Nail Polish Trend post telling you what my favorite kind of nail polishes are at the moment... what is "in" and "out" for me.


Dark colors - I am really loving very dark colors, specifically dark purple. I LOVE that color on my nails and I have loved it since the first day I ever put it on. Dark reds and blues I really like also, and dark greens are still hanging in there for me.

Suggestions: Wet n Wild has a really pretty purple called Eggplant Frost, Wet n Wild's dark red: Burgundy Frost, N.Y.C.'s dark blue: Skin Tight Denim (this one is pretty hard to work with from what I can tell when I use it), N.Y.C.'s dark purple: Purple Pizzaz Frost.

Light colors - Ok, I know this totally contradicts my first one! BUT If it's not dark, it's really, really light. I am really loving light, light pink (to where it's basically translucent, but you still can see it and it's not completely see through.) I am really loving light blues also... blues are just SO pretty, don't you think? Also I really like light greens.

Suggestions: Wet Shine has a really light pink but it is very thick, hard to work with and takes a long time to dry since its so thick... unless they have changed it since when I bought it, but it's called: Ballet on Ice, N.Y.C.'s pink... it is almost white it's so light: Polyester Pink, N.Y.C.'s very sparkly, very sheer, very pretty pink: Classic Coral, Express Finish's pink... this is more of a sheer pink than a light pink but it's very pretty too: Tulip Take Off

Browns/Bronzes - I have really loved these ever since I got the first bottle, but now I am Really starting to like them (yes, with a capital R.) They are so pretty to me :)

Suggestions: Wet n Wild has a very pretty one, however my bottle didn't have the name on there, so sorry about that! I might could find one on the internet or in the stores if you are interested though, Pure Ice's VERY pretty bronze: Iced Copper. I used the Wet n Wild one with my Football nails, because the Wet n Wild's has more of a red undertone to it and the Pure Ice was more copper like.

Glitter - I think all of us girly-girls have been in to this one at least once. I really like them now... they are just SO pretty and I think its perfect for Spring!

Suggestions: N.Y.C has a VERY pretty glitter that has greens, blues, reds... all these different sparkles in it and it's probably my favorite glitter that I own. It's called: White Lights, Wet n Wild has one that is silver with red, blues, greens and those type sparkles in it... N.Y.C's is clear with the sparkles. Wet n Wild's is called: Kaleidoscope. If you are wanting a more natural looking sparkle, Love My Nail's has a very pretty glitter that is clear with a bunch of silver sparkles.


Black - It has never been a polish that I have wanted to wear. To me it looks really gothic and not Christian... besides it is very plain and dark looking... wouldn't you rather want to wear a neon or bright color to cheer you up? :) I would.

Yellows - This is actually very funny because just last week I was in love with yellow polish and I couldn't keep it off my nails... now I can't stand to put it on. There's just something that I don't like about it anymore. I'm not really sure what it is, but I just really don't like it on my nails at the moment... but next week.... lol.

I own every bottle of polish I mentioned and recommend every one. Try them out and see if you like them :)

Abby <") (Hey, it's a penguin!)

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