Saturday, April 17, 2010


Hola!! Today's nails are fairly simple, I used tape to tape off stripes, then sponged different colors from each side of the nail over the base color. I think that the effect looks like the screen printing on an old worn t-shirt. It was originally matte, and I took pics of it, then painted topcoat over it to see what it'd look like shiny, then looked at the photos and saw they were blurry, so y'all get the shiny version!! :-P

i used OPI for Sephora What's a Tire Jack? Matte as a base, with China Glaze DV8 and China Glaze 2NITE sponged over it. Topped off with one coat of Seche Vite top coat.

And...some pix from the bachelorette party last night! :)

My hands (painted with the Chippen-Nails design) on a bona fide Chippendale's face (they wouldn't let a pic happen with the abs. *lame*

The group with the awesome bartender at the Rio- Elton!

The group after dinner at Hamada (Jessica, the bachelorette looks FULL of sass in this one!!)

And finally, a pic of me with my future hubs, *drool* (he doesn't know yet, but he will) :-D

I think I need to find friends paler than me (like Albinos probably), because my friends make me look like Casper. :-P

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