Friday, April 16, 2010


I first noticed the moon manicure/reverse french on Samantha Jones's nails in the trailer for the upcoming Sex and The City 2 movie. In one scene she sports red talons with gold moons at the bases.

This burlesque look isn't new, it was popular with movie stars in the 1920's in neutral shades of cream, and pink. Now the rage is dark colours such as deep purple (a la Christian Dior) or back and white.

Try it at home! The best moon-manicure tools are ring-reinforcements!

Here's how:
Apply the lighter base color all over the nail. Once the polish dries cut a reinforcement in half and place it at the base of the nail. Then paint the top half of your nail with the darker nail polish and you will be left with the prefect DIY moon manicure!

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