Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pink Polkadot (requested)

Hi guys!! I got a request... uumm... I hate to say it but it was exactly 2 weeks ago when I got it! And I am just now getting it all together and do it... I'm really sorry! Anyway, Camille kindly requested and she said...

That is such a great idea!! :) I have a request...I don't know if you'll be able to do I got the idea from your button thing toward the bottom of your blog on the sidebar that says "Welcome Family and Friends". I was wondering if you'd be able to make a tutorial on a design with small light pink polka dots and a basecoat with a hot pink...kinda like the button on your blog. It would be cool if you could do it with white tips. :) That would be really pretty. I know that sounds really hard and If you can do it would you mind leaving a comment on my blog and telling me if you can?

Thanks so much Abby!!


Thanks so much for requesting Camille! I am SO sorry it took me this long for me to get it... I was kinda slacking on my "job"! Okey-dokey, so here is the video!! My next video.... or the next one after that depending on how long it takes to save and stuff.... there will be a new intro... it will be pretty cool if you ask me! Hehe! My brother has been working on it non-stop... it has taken him at least 4 and a half hours! It is really cool though :) Also, in my next video I will have background music that has no singing in it... it is only instrumental. Camille told me that it was kind of hard to understand me with someone talking even though it was turned down - and I agree. :) SO after explaining to my dad and brother I asked them if we had any "only music" songs... and they said they didn't think so. But my dad had some music like that at his work and he gave it to me! Yay! Hehe... so I will put it on my next video because I forgot to put it in this one. lol. Enjoy the video!!!

Sorry that it shows up black... I'm not sure why it did that, but just hit play and it will start :)

Feel free to leave a comment below! I will answer any questions you might have, and I love getting comments! If you have any requests, please let me know :)

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