Thursday, February 18, 2010

Walk Like an Egyptian

I am completely obsessed with Egypt. With ancient civilizations. With awesome. I have been a history nerd for longer than I can remember, I was the kid in the biography section of the library of the elementary school, the one checking out books on dead presidents and historical figures. I could watch History Channel all day long. Egypt, however, will always top my list of fascinating subjects, faraway lands, architecture, civilizations, etc. I just find it incredible to see things that were built or made thousands upon thousands of years ago that are #1. still intact and #2. made by hand without any of today's modern conveniences. I love going to Egypt exhibits in museums, and it baffles me that a cane, or a necklace, or a chair still exists, wholly intact, with the paint still vibrant and beautiful, which was made forever ago, but a pair of jeans I bought less than a year ago, or a dish that I have only had for a short time, etc. has long since broken or fallen apart. Our generation won't leave anything like that behind, it rather saddens me. But enough about nerdy history talk... on to the nails!! Today's nails were painted with actual Egyptian hieroglyphics!!

I used OPI Sand in My Suit as a base, Zoya Dea for the hieroglyphics and sponged VERY VERY lightly over 2 coats ofEssie Matte About You.

BTW, Good luck with getting that song out of your head...

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