Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Domino Nail Tutorial

Hi guys!! Sorry I haven't uploaded a video in a while! I had this one recorded for a long time.... and I even had it edited, but I did it on the wrong computer (it won't upload on blogger on the other one) so I had to re-edit it on this computer which took a while for me to do. OK, so here are the numbers I did on each finger :)

Right Hand
Pinky- double 5
Ring Finger - double 4
Middle Finger - double 3
Pointer Finger - double 2
Thumb - double 1

It's the exact opposite on the other hand...

Left Hand
Pinky - double 1
Ring Finger - double 2
Middle Finger - double 3
Pointer Finger - double 4
Thumb - double 5

Note: I didn't do a introduction as a narration or in person, because I don't want my videos to be so long. They take longer to upload on the computer, edit, save, upload on blogger, and most important; it takes more of your time to watch them. Most people don't have time to sit at the computer for 20 minutes just watching how to do your nails. So let me know how that is.... I think the intros were kinda boring too. But you watch them, and I would like to get any feedback on how I can improve my videos!! Also, I added background music... please let me know if you thought it should be turned down more or it was too much of a distraction, or you liked it or didn't like it, or whatever. :D

Enjoy!! Thanks for reading and watching!! It is REALLY appreciated!!!!!

Feel free to leave a comment below! I will answer any questions you might have, and I love getting comments! If you have any requests, please let me know :)

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