Sunday, February 21, 2010

You've Crossed the Lines

For those of you that are new readers, I am a part-time culinary student in addition to my full-time employment, as well as this lovely blog in the browser before you. Today's class was awesome, yet brutal. Therefore, I'm thoroughly exhausted, soooo, simple nails. (sorry) I am using two things in this mani that I haven't yet used, Zoya Harlow Matte, and the line pattern from Konad Plate m65.

I used Zoya Harlow Matte as a base, with China Glaze DV8 applied with Konad Plate m65 as well as freehanded on the tips. No Seche Vite today.. it must be a sin, right? (and on Sunday, no less)

k, I'm off to enjoy my goodies from class!! :)

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