Friday, April 9, 2010

My bad! (Please read when you get the chance... sorry it's long)

Ok, so I have been procrastinating this off for so long, so I decided I would not do it. It's the video for my little contest. I would do it if I got asked more than 3 questions and if they were from different people... BUT I got asked 3 questions and their all from the same person. So I will be doing this again for all those who wanted to be in it but didn't get the chance. If you are totally confused about it all and are alike "What contest?!" then you can go to the label 'contest' and read all those posts. It just so happened that the day I said I was going to put the answers video up, was the day there is a auction we are having for our church camp and I am volunteering to make some things to donate and the money that they get from people buying the stuff will go to the camp. (I am posting more about this later on my craft blog (linked to the top right of my blog) along with pictures of everything I made.)

Anyway, I didn't even know that it was coming up until my mom told me 5 days before that I would be making some things (which I was really excited about) but... that, also, happened to be the week that we had Co-op, meaning I had a bunch of homework and also the week I had a lot of tests for school, so with all of this happening I only had 2 days to make everything, SO with all of THAT happening, my nail blog was the last thing I could think about. My point is this week was a very busy week and hopefully you can understand that family and other "have to" events comes before my blog, and I work on my blog in my free time.

Sorry if it sounds like I am making excuses or complaining, but I just wanted to say that I will not be posting the answers, but since my friend graciously asked questions, I will be e-mailing her privately the answers, so if you are the person who asked the questions then you will be getting a e-mail from me sometime next week (well... another e-mail from me ;) )

Anyway, this was supposed to be a short post explaining, and then off to bed for me, but it wasn't and I apologize for that. Hopefully you got my point... pretty much I am just saying that this week was a busy one and not the norm. Ok yeah, thats pretty much just making excuses, but I really do feel bad about it and about not getting a nail design up in a while!! I am working on it... just give some time... or MORE time than you already have :) Thank you everyone for hanging in there and getting those wonderful comments from all of my WONDERFUL followers makes it all worth it! Thanks again,

Abby ♥

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