Saturday, March 27, 2010

That's Just Grey-t

Hey there kids!! (Don't worry, I call everyone kid, regardless of their years) So the Bad Religion concert las night was PUNK-tastic. I had a blast, and got a rad t-shirt that earns me dirty looks when I wear it. (Google Bad Religion images, you'll see why) Today was a busy day- I went and tried on (and bought) the bridesmaid dress for the wedding I'm going to be in in May, and it was surprisingly VERY flattering. (the color will be a different story- Guava is not a color that should be in a redhead's vocabulary. (or wardrobe). After that, I helped a good friend paint his bedroom- Ground Cumin is the color, and it turned out fantastic. He was smart not to question my interior design skills. :-P I love picking out paint colors for people, perhaps one day I'll have my own house and can do it for myself!! I managed to squeeze in a nap in there, which was great, too.

Today's nails are simple, but I really like them, and despite the beginning of my experience with butterLondon (took 5.5 weeks to get my polishes due to Paypal marking the order as complete, and no one returned emails from BL), I am 100% in love with the one polish I've tried out of the 3 I bought... Billy No Mates! It applied smoothly, and only took 2 coats to be opaque.

I used 2 coats of butterLONDON Billy No Mates as base, with 1 coat of Essie Matte About You, then for the moons, I used about 8,000 coats of Urban Outfitters Grey 1, it was pretty hard to get opaque and even. For the ring finger moon, I used American Apparel Berry. I also used American Apparel Berry for the 'stitching' on the grey moon fingers, and Urban Outfitters Grey 1 for the stitching on the ring finger.

How is everyone's weekend going? I get to wake up early for class, blargh. :-D My weekend off last week because of Spring Break felt nice. :)

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