Tuesday, August 3, 2010

That Holo's Super, Man.

For today, I decided that a marble design was in order. I wanted to use a mixture of some of my all-time favorite polishes, the China Glaze OMG collection, and American Apparel Hassid, of course. I LOVE the way that the OMG collection marbles, and the colors remind me of one of the most delicious ice cream flavors of my childhood...SUPERMAN!!! For those of you who have not experienced Superman ice cream, it's a marbled mixture of red, blue, and yellow ice creams, hence the name. The flavors are much argued upon, but the red is generally a fruity flavor, the yellow is either vanilla or lemon, and the blue? well, it can just be described as...BLUE. :-D It's been years and years since I've had it. (and I must say I'm rather craving it now...I wonder if they have it out here in Vegas, I hear it's a Michigan thing) Summer faces of children are adorned with blue lips...and shirts...and shorts... and shoes...and the pavement below....you get the idea. Anyway, to the nails... the thumb has a tiny bit of black where the holo bubbled and popped when it dried.

I used American Apparel Hassid as a base, with China Glaze OMG, China Glaze DV8, China Glaze L8R G8R, China Glaze IDK, and China Glaze TMI marbled over it. Topped it off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat. I used the Hassid as a base because it gave a different feel to the holographic polishes. I'm glad I did, come to think of it, it looks a little like an oil slick, too.

I REALLY want Superman ice cream now, but does Las Vegas have ice cream shops? No, just frozen yogurt stores... *sigh* Anyone from Michigan wanna FedEx me a cone? :-P

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