Friday, August 20, 2010

The Results Are In!

After what seems like a zillion hours or counting and deliberating, I've got the contest results. One person in the competition was unfortunately disqualified to do two reasons, one being that she doctored her nail design in Photoshop (or other photo manipulation program), which was the main reason, but to add insult to injury, she was 'buying' votes by offering extra entries to her giveaway. I have to say that next time I will actually OPEN the photos before posting them next time, because the photo manipulating was quite obvious. Sorry to that entrant, but you should have known better.

This was TOTALLY not in the spirit of the blog or the contest, and to say I'm disappointed and irritated is a serious understatement. Giveaways on blogs (especially with this many entries) are a HUGE undertaking, and the time and money spent getting them up and running is considerable. The next giveaway will not utilize ANY voting by peers of entrants/readers due to the experience of this contest.

Sorry to be a party pooper with all that. On to the results!

The only votes that were counted (as stated in a later post) were votes from registered Google or OpenID accounts.

The winners!

First and second place are divided by just 2 VOTES!!

First place goes to....


Second place goes to...


Third Place goes to...


Thank you all for the great entries!!

Winners, please email me your mailing information to!!

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