Friday, January 7, 2011

First Week Back at Medschool & I'm Feeling A Bit Trigger Happy.

I've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus over the holidays, if anyone may have noticed, attending to my alter ego- the one who isn't a medstudent. The holidays were great while they lasted but now it's back to medschool & loosing the tan I so diligently worked for the past few weeks.

Week 1 of 5th year has had it's ups and downs. UPs: receiving my first oto & ophthalmoscope (the accessories are everything); and  DOWNS: writing an exam on emergency medicine skills today -which wasn't so bad. It's probably been the most exciting week of medschool ever, I could possibly save someone's life now. Wow I sound like such a medschool brat!

Way too eager

Emergency Medicine is all about pneumonics (HHH, ABCD or CAB, and OMI GOSH), algorithms, CPR & the Defibrillator (which I'm trying to convince my parents to get/invest in for the house- you never know someone might drown or have an MI*). Also shaped up on my suturing skills & am now one step closer to being a surgeon!

Here's my personal favourite pneumonic of sorts (I really do use this every time I pack my clutch before a night out**):
 Dont forget to drink a glass of MILK filled with Vit C!

M - Money
I - Identity Document / Driver's License
L - Lipgloss
K - Keys
& Vitamin C - Cell phone

*For the non-meds: MI = heart attack - but we're never allowed to say that because "the heart doesn't attack"
** Yes I am the biggest dork - the geekiness has reached it's saturation point!

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