Friday, July 15, 2011

ENT Week 1 Has Been So Much Fun - Career Possibility??

Quick phone pic of Thursday's ENT clinic outfit - trying to chanel Addison Montgomery in a Mango suit dress with Mango nails.

It's quite tricky dressing in a hospital. You've got to look smart but be able to work in a setting that often involves body fluids... I'm sure you can imagine the sartorial problem that creates! The male doctors all wear suits and ties but the woman, I don't know, they generally look sloppy and most op for black slacks and pumps. Us girls have to get a uniform going, I personally love suit dresses - they're conservative, fitted and professional. If I know I'm going to get dirty I'll put on a plastic apron. Ta-dah!

Kitten heels - you can run in them, wear them all day and look chic!
Stilettos are a no no. They can look gaudy in a clinic and are completely impractical for manual labour. 
Pumps just make me feel short and frumpy. 

Smooth and styled. In the morning I quickly blow-wave my hair and then pin it out the way into a bun, french twist, chinon or slick pony tail. I just use 3 pins.

Make-up = Simple:
-Bobbie Brown Under Eye Concealer to hide circles form all- nighters
-A touch of BB tinted moisturizer
-BB Bronzer
-Curl lashes & apply mascara

**Top 2 photo's taken with my new Kodak camera! Whoop Whoop!

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