Sunday, October 11, 2009


+Okay I know I have not been blogging for a while but exams are near and have been studying really hard - still have a few more exams to go!


+Summer is upon me and I'm going for a week holiday to the sea on Wednesday... Very excited! Days on the beach, morning jogs with my ipod blasting in my ears, calamari salad's for lunch. Don't think I can explain how wonderful it's going to be when I come back tanned and a kilo or two lighter! Beach style: Nicole Richie (check out Rachel Zoe in the back round)






+Have gone back to black/dark brown, I'm over blond. 
Megan Fox + ripped black minis +bronze & silver cuffs + permed hair + long dark nails (MAC Vintage Vamp) = my summer 2010 inspiration (Wonderland shoot)

+ 'Ming Vase Mini's' post update, Anna Dello Russo (Fashion Director at Large of VOGUE, Nippon/Japan) putting on her own stamp on Mr Cavalli's creation, pic thanks to Garance Dore'

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