Monday, October 18, 2010

You Continuously Deserve Royal Treatment!

Giveaway Day #5!!

Today is the last day of Sally Hansen giveaways, but stay tuned, there are still giveaways from Zoya, China Glaze, Color Club, Ginger Kitty Designs, and one other giveaway left!! :)

Today's giveaway is a set of 4
Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment products!!

To be eligible, here's what you gotta do:

NUMBER 1- Be a follower of the Daily Nail - and I'm curious - tell me how long! :)

NUMBER 2- Tell me what continuous treatment you think you need the most and why!

That's it! Just leave it in the comments, and I'll select the winner randomly!! :)

Entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time, Oct 19.

"I follow The Daily Nail on both twitter AND on blogspot! I've been following for 370 days! I think that the Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment product that I need the most is the Base & Top Coat, since I am bad, and use my nails as tools, so my nail polish tends to chip!"

From Sally Hansen:

"THINK: Targeted, time-released treatment for nails.

WHAT IT IS: Continuous care designed to restore nails to optimal health. Whether your nails are prone to
chips, tears, breakage or brittleness, there’ s a Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment for you. Each fortifying
formula works overtime to promote nail strength, growth, durability, shine or wear, ensuring perfectly
healthy nails for the perfect manicure. The Time-Released formulas continue to treat nails for up to ten
days, lengthening the life of your manicure while strengthening your nails. Choose the ideal Continuous
Treatment for your unique nail needs:

Continuous Treatment Time-Released Base & Top Coat
You Have: Manicures that dull, chip and fade.
You Want: Amazing shine and wear that lasts for up to ten days.
How I t Works: The exclusive Marine Kelp formula seals and smoothes nails while locking on color for up to ten
days. Patented Vita-Release Technology with a time-released Vitamin-Mineral Complex protects nail color and
delivers lasting, brilliant shine.
You’ll Get: Perfect, high-gloss, long-wear manicures.

Continuous Treatment Time-Released Hardening Formula
You Have: Soft, thin nails that tear and peel.
You Want: Strong, durable nails.
How I t Works: Patented Vita-Release Technology Formula includes a targeted, time-released Vitamin-Mineral
Complex that continually reinforces and conditions nails. The exclusive Coral Calcium Formula bonds nail
layers together to harden and thicken for ten continuous days, stopping problem nails from tearing.
You’ll Get: Noticeably harder, thicker nails.

Continuous Treatment Time-Released Strength Formula
You Have: Fragile nails that break and split.
You Want: Strong, resilient nails.
How I t Works: The Vitamin-Mineral Complex in Sally Hansen’ s patented Vita-Release Technology
continuously strengthens and treats nails, while an exclusive Pearl Protein formula creates a powerful support
shield that fortifies nails for ten continuous days to stop breakage.
You’ll Get: Stronger, more resilient nails.

Continuous Treatment Time-Released Growth Formula
You Have: Dry, brittle nails that won’ t grow.
You Want: Long, healthy-looking nails.
How I t Works: Patented Vita-Release Technology with a time-released Vitamin-Mineral Complex continuously
fortifies and revitalizes nails as an exclusive Blue Algae formula locks in nourishment to protect for ten
continuous days and promote growth in brittle nails.
You’ll Get: Visibly longer, healthier-looking nails."

Products up for giveaway were provided by the manufacturer, and can be purchase at CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, ULTA, K-Mart, Target, and a million other locations, both brick-and-mortar and online!

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