Sunday, December 19, 2010

Loco Incoco!

Rather than posting nothing for the day, since I had zero time to get nails done (every spare minute this weekend has been spent being elf-like or working. Christmas is exhausting!), I thought I'd post a new product that Incoco sent me to check out and review. I'm sure that you all know Incoco for the solid color, glitter, or french tip nail appliques, but now they have a NEW product out, and seriously, I gasped when I opened the box. They're patterned. Yeah, like Minx, but REAL NAIL POLISH!!! I have to say, too, I'm actually reaaaaally impressed with these, they're much easier to apply than the solid color ones. (they hide imperfections in the nail better as well) The patterns they sent are rad, I chose to show this one today because the colors kinda make me think of Christmas! :) I really love these, they're easy to use and look great– they only took 5 minutes to apply!

I know that these aren't technically one of my nail designs, but I wanted y'all to have something to see, plus, this introduces you to a brand spankin' new item that I'm sure you'll dig!

I used Incoco Nail Appliqu├ęs, not sure of the design name, there was no label.

Back to elfing.

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