Thursday, December 16, 2010

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Welcome to...


Here I have reviews, such as this one...

 Stay tuned for a really a cool tip every other Tuesday...

{Coming soon!}

 Oh, and I almost forgot.... I make step by step video tutorials on how to do easy nail designs.

Such as Cherry Blossom Nails,

and Pink Leopard Print Nails.

 I also have Quick Tip videos where I show you how to turn sheer polish....

To opaque in minutes! 

And how to apply press-on nails!

I'll also have sneak peeks of really easy designs that don't need a tutorial, such as these really cheesy math nails

Most of my nail designs I come up with on my own. Occasionally I'll take someone's design and re-create it to be my own. All my tutorials are 100% free and will always be that way.

I use products I buy on my own and I use drugstore brands. (The really inexpensive nail polish.)

I also show you how to find the good inexpensive products.

Intrigued yet? There's more.

I also do designs that are very easy and need little tools that most people have.

Sometimes there will be a design or two that do need some tools you might not have. In that case, I show you how to make your own tools using materials around the house.

Have a nail design you want to do, but have no idea how to put it on your nail? Maybe you have inspiration, but you don't know how to make a design simple and easy enough so you could paint it on your nail. Or maybe you simply don't want to have to do the work.

I've got good news for you.

Drop me a line at '' and let me know just what kind of design you would like me to show you how to do.

Your basically helping me help you.

Another thing:

I am not an artist. I do simple nail designs mainly for myself... if I did any harder designs then my nails would probably just have a bunch of random colors. I won't do nail designs that are hard, because I can't do nail designs that are hard.

(Get it? That's ok, I don't really get it either.)

Oh, and I almost forgot. I also have a YouTube which is where I upload my videos. Stay tuned to both my blog and YT, as I put different things on each one.

My YouTube:

One more thing....

I also have polls that are put up every week. Sometimes you can vote for my next nail design, and sometimes their just for fun and so I can get to know YOU better. Visit the top right of my blog to vote! Don't forget to check it every week and vote on the new one.

Thanks for visiting Simple Nail Designs, and I hope you'll stick around!

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