Friday, November 27, 2009

Clawing for Deals

Day 45

Hey all!! Well, I'm fully exhausted after a 5 am wake-up, hr drive to the nearest big city (I'm in Michigan right now), and then a few hrs in line, and I came out ahead, I saved $160 on 4 items. All in all, it was worth it, because I think I kind of sickly enjoy the rush of Black Friday! Today's nails are an homage to the fight & rush of getting that deal. Hopefully, your only damage is as bad as mine... a broken nail. :-P (I even left it for effect!) They are all the $$$ I went to save, and the blood I made others shed (not really) so I could get those deals. (I'm REALLY joking, everyone was rather peaceful where I was this year. SLOW, but peaceful.)

I used a franken for the base, which I made from a $1 bottle of white nail polish NYC I think? and about 15 drops of Zoya Envy, and then Zoya Envy for all the lines and tips. For the simulated blood, I used Zoya Dakota, and for the broken nail (chunk out of my pinky) I used a dropping box that I tried to catch in vain.

Hope you got those deals, everyone, I know I did!! Stay safe!!

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