Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Day 29

Wow. Today and yesterday have definitely been a whirlwind. My bacon nails and blog were featured on yesterday, and today the lovely Tamar from MTV's Buzzworthy Blog contacted me to let me know she posted about my nail blog too! WOW! I never in a million years thought my little blog would get such a great (and HUGE) reception! So... THANK YOU!

Ok, on to the nails.

Today's nail are none other than the crime-fighting reptiles we all know and love........Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!! (Plus their favorite kind of pizza- CHEEEESE!)

I used OPI Green-wich Village as a base, Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Black for the line work, China Glaze Salsa for Raphael's bandana, and mixed with China Glaze White on White for all of their mouths. I used Ultra Pro in Blue Blaze for Leonardo's bandana, China Glaze in Purple with tiny glitter flecks (label fell off, I don't know the name!) for Donatello's bandana, and Urban Vibe from Wet Seal in Orange for Michaelangelo's bandana. For the cheese pizza, I layered OPI Banana Bandana over China Glaze White on White for the cheesy look, and then Zoya Gretchen for the crust. :)

The other thing I did last night- I made Lemon Meringue pie from scratch!!

Now let's raise some SHELL! :-P

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