Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sci-Fi Plaid

Day 26

Sorry today's post is so late, I got busy in the kitchen, I made pumpkin pie from scratch- (and by scratch, I mean I started with a pumpkin, not a can ;)) and I made homemade Pomegranate sorbet with pomegranates grown in my backyard! :)

After yesterday's ├╝ber-girly nails, I felt the need to balance the 'girly' scales. Pardon the thumb, i smudged it stirring the simple syrup for the sorbet.

I used OPI for Sephora Absinthe Makes the Heart as a base, this color is sooooooo gorgeous. For the design I used China Glaze Sci-Fi Khrome with Konad Plate m60.

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