Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Matte Velvet to the Extreme....

Day 22

Today's nails are really subtle, they sort of employ a technique used in Print design called Spot Varnish. I used a gloss color over a matte in the same color so that the design was very subtle and you have to look to see it! :) Sorry about the cuticles, the dry air and nail polish remover are killing them, and I load up on cuticle cream! Also- the middle finger has a lumpy spot- I broke my nail, patched it, but didn't realize I hadn't filed it down until after I started painting.. oh well. :)

I used Zoya Posh Matte Velvet as a base, and Zoya Dakota with Konad Plate m63 for the designs.

It sort of brings the 'Matte Velvet' to a whole new level- it looks like rippled pieces of velvet!

The reason today's design is so simple:

I had to make this cake for my friend Travis' birthday today!

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