Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's a Hard Knock Life.

Day 21

Today's nails are kind of a joke between my friend and I... he HATES knuckle tattoos, and thinks they're usually dumb. <---This is coming from a man who has lots of ink on his flesh. :-P SOOOOO, I decided to do this one for him. :-P i was pretty surprised the right hand "HARD" lettering turned out as well as it did, since I'm SOOOO not ambidextrous.

I used Zoya Gretchen as a base, with Zoya Charlize to pale it down a bit. I used Zoya Raven for the line work, with Zoya Dakota mixed with Zoya Raven for the red in the letters. The clover was filled in with a mix of Zoya Raven and OPI Green-wich Village, and the horseshoe was filled in with China Glaze Millennium

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