Monday, January 4, 2010

OCNailArt coupon code!

Hey everyone!! Just wanted to let you all know that if you like the Konad designs that I do occasionally, and want to give Konad a whirl, check out OC Nail Art, it's where I get all my Konad supplies, and can't say enough good about the site! Recently, I contacted the lovely Kathleen, and asked if she'd extend a discount to my readers, and she did! If you enter "dailynail" at checkout, you get 30% off, and free domestic AND INTERNATIONAL shipping with $20 purchase. International free shipping requirements change from $20 purchase to $40 purchase on January 15, 2010, so order quick! This code doesn't expire, so shop away!

UPDATE:Forgot to update this post, but Konad USA has required that all sellers of Konad products had to discontinue any and all coupon codes for their products as of March 5, 2010.

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