Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Watermelon Nails

Hey guys!

So, today's tutorial....

drum roll please...

Watermelon Nails!!! I know that you already knew what they are if you read the title of this post, but I wanted an excuse to say "drum roll please".

Anyway, these are great summer nails, and perfect for picnic nails. Even though it isn't summer, and you wouldn't go on a picnic unless you want to get snow all in your clothes.

Hehe. I know I should of posted this in the summer, but I really just couldn't wait! Lol! I had wanted to do this design before I even had the idea of blogging in the first place! Lol! So several years, actually. I know that seems like a long time, and your prob thinking "The why didn't ya just do it for goodness sake!?" Lol, but I dunno, I had all the right colors and everything, but every time I would paint my nails I would always just not do them... for a reason I am not sure of. Watermelon nails and Ladybug nails were always the one's I wanted to do so badly. OH I know why I couldn't do them! Haha! Because I didn't have a green or a black.... of course there was a long time when I did have those colors and I still didn't do it. I dunno, I am weird like that, so that's just me ;) Anyway, hope you enjoy the tutorial!!!

Feel free to leave a comment below! I will answer any questions you might have, and I love getting comments! If you have any requests, please let me know :)

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