Saturday, January 9, 2010

Psychedelic Cotton Candy

Day 88

Hey all!! Feeling tons better today- still not 100%, but much, much better. YAY! Sorry today's post is so late- I was at the office working all day...

Anyway, I got a package in the mail today from American Apparel!! They sent me three of their new polishes to try out- so of course- I decided to use them for my nails today!! I was excited because of the 3 she sent me, the only one that I had already purchased myself was Peacock, so I'm totally stoked- it's my first polish sent to me to try out EVER!! :) (Ok, so I'm a big dork, and this totally made my day- I never expected to get free stuff because of this blog!!) Also, I'm super excited because my cuticles are starting to look far less crappy!! Hooray for LUSH Lemony Flutter. It's a cuticle godsend, I swear.

Anyway, I've tried 4 of the AA polishes so far, 3 of the ones I've purchased myself, and one of the three sent to me, and I have to say, they apply well, my major qualm with them is the smell. They smell unlike any other polishes I own, and not in a good way, I generally like the smell of polish, but not all. However, that said, I had no problems with streakiness in application, but the pink, Coney Island, did take 3 coats to be opaque, and probably could've used 4. As you can see though, Peacock is more than opaque enough for Konading, and it's a really, really pretty color. While Coney Island is a pretty color, it's not really my thing, I'm not much of a pink kinda gal, but I can totally see where others would love it, it's just too girly for me. :-P

Today's nails were inspired by The Swatchaholic's Hello Kitty nails the other day, where she layered the swirls in two different directions. I used American Apparel Coney Island as a base, with American Apparel Peacock and Essie Foot Loose applied with Konad Plate m69. Topped it off with Seche Vite top coat.

Disclosure: American Apparel Coney Island and American Apparel Peacock were provided by American Apparel for me for review.

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