Monday, January 25, 2010

What Are You HUP...TO...3...4?

Day 104

Happy Monday, everyone!!! Today's nails were a request a while back from reader Melissa T-S. She told me that her 25 year old son is 5th generation army, and she would LOVE to see camouflage nails... so, Melissa... and your son, I hope you see these!! :) (and like them!! :-P)

I used Sally Hansen Trendy Creme as a base. (this color is amazing- the most perfect avocado color- best of all- I got it at the Dollar Tree! :-P) For the rest of the camo colors, I mixed Zoya Envy with Sally Hansen Trendy Creme for the olive color, since Envy was too dark, used Nubar Milk Chocolate Creme for the brown, and China Glaze Liquid Leather for the black. I topped it all off with two coats of Essie Matte About You to make it matte and awesome. :-P

I really love these nails... and they're totally my dedication to all the troops working their asses off everywhere to make our world, our country, and our people safe. (and for their predecessors, who made it possible to live in a country where one can do something as frivolous as painting her nails every day and blogging about it)...


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