Thursday, May 20, 2010

Burnin' Rubber

So, if you've been reading the blog recently, you know that my sister was here in Vegas last week, and that it was awesome. Well, she's doing a month-long cross-country motorcycle trip, so today's nails are in honor of her awesomenosity, she's pretty much the most badass chick you're likely to meet. It was super awesome having her here, and makes me miss home, where I actually got to spend time with her more often than once/twice a year. (sucky) Anyway, enough saptastic stuff, she knows I love her, and think she rocks. Today's nail design was painted to look like tire tread rubber that was burnt onto cement. (I even tried to paint the same tread as her tires!)

I used BB Couture Opposites Attract as a base, with American Apparel Hassid for the tire tread, with more BB Couture Opposites Attract sponged over part of it. Topped it off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.

Also- today L'Oreal held a makeover event at the Venetian Walgreens here in Vegas, and Collier Strong was there!! For those of you who are like- 'Who is Collier Strong?!' I recommend that you climb out of your hole and either watch some TV, read some magazines, or check him out a little thing called the internet!! :-P He is the consulting makeup artist for L'Oreal Paris, the beauty consultant for Project Runway, as well as many other things! Anyway, I got to meet him, get some tips, and he was SO super nice!! I also got a touchup from the lovely Monique, and chatted with a very friendly guy from L'Oreal named Gary. Overall it was a cool experience getting to try some new products and some established products that I hadn't tried yet, as well as meeting some nice new people!! I got my picture with Colllier (but I look like a total bum lol):

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