Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lacquer Laced

Hey all!! Today has been a somewhat lazy day, I watched a few movies, did some laundry, made homemade strawberry ice cream, vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate cayenne ice cream, and chocolate cinnamon ice cream. :) Nom nom nom. One of the movies I watched was Somewhere in Time. (Sadly one of my all-time favorite movies) Terribly cheesy, but I adore it. I even have a picture of myself standing in the same spot Jane Seymour did in the movie when she and Christopher Reeves first met by the lake. :-D I also LOVED the Grand Hotel, which is where they filmed that movie. I got the chance to stay there, and it was lovely, I particularly enjoyed the dress code, which required men to be in suits and women in dresses after 5. I dunno, seems silly, but it made it feel 'special', and the 5 course dinner was pretty damn good- I had wild rabbit one night, duck, lobster bisque, you name it. :-D The Grand Hotel was the first time in my life I ever golfed as well, I was forced to participate in a scramble against my will by my then boyfriend. lol Apparently, though, I'm a natural, and on one of the holes I even came close to the longest drive- I was only 10 yards off!! :) Anyway, to the nails. I was inspired by the fashions in the movie, and thought lace would look pretty, so I painted it at the cuticle, sort of like a twist on a moonicure.

I used MAC Abalone Shell as a base, I can't stress enough how much I adore this color. :) For the lace, I used American Apparel Cotton, then topped everything off with 2 coats of Seche Vite top coat.

Class tomorrow- woo!! We're finally making sourdough- and I've been 'feeding' the starter all week- it REEKS! lol (that means it'll probably taste amazing.) :-D

Me at the tree on Mackinac Island (pronounced MACK-IN-AW), when I stayed there in 2007. :-D I'm SUCH a dork.

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