Saturday, May 1, 2010

French Tip Nail Pen Review (Requested)

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Hi guys, so some of you know that I filmed this tutorial and it wouldn't let me put the video up. I got requested to do a review on the french tip nail pen but I didn't have the pen. So I went to the store... *cough a couple weeks after that cough* and I filmed it. Anyway, I'm not exactly sure what is happening with Blogger, but it does this weird thing with videos where it will stop working and then come back in a few weeks, and it happens a lot. I am lucky if I get a few videos in between when that happens. It didn't happen when I first started my videos, so I'm not sure if it's because I have so many videos on it already, or if Blogger is just changing, or it's my computer, or what.

But I have been trying to upload this video since a week or two after starting my contest, which was February, 27th. So if you can see I'm a little frustrated with Blogger because numero uno I spent time and money on getting the product and making the video, and then I can't put it up. And number two I promised the person who requested that I would get it up ASAP. Well.... 4 months isn't exactly what I call ASAP! Lol, so I'm really, really sorry it has taken me this long.... you can blame it on Blogger ;) Haha.

So, I have found a way to put the video on here, but not actually having to use Blogger's video uploading system. The way is: Photobucket. I was originally going to upload video's on to a YouTube account, and then put the embed code in here, change it a little to make it smaller and quality better, but now we are getting in to all the technical stuff that I do which may be complicated... I haven't actually told you all the stuff that I do... haha it will probably make you bored  (as this long rant is doing.) So, yea I was gonna do all that, but then, because I already had a Photobucket, I thought I could just upload it on there, then get the embed code and I do tweak it a bit to make it better :) (Time consuming, but worth it) So anyway, the video does look different, and all my other videos will look different also, as well as the nail tutorial before this post. 

Just ignore the videos that come at the end... I tried taking it off as I found it a distraction, but after a few hours I got a little bored, and I'm definitely not the computer savvy my dad is.... haha yea let's just say he can pretty much do anything on the computer (and that's his job ;) ) 

SO sorry sorry sorry about the long post and the whole mess of the thing... I tried. I really did. Also, I look really horrible in the video... I'm sorry for videoing me looking like that. It was really the only time I could do it because at that time we had a lot going on and some personal stuff going on with distant family. 

You don't have to read below, that's just what I put when I was going to make this post, which was right before I uploaded the video and didn't know that it didn't work. And the first time it did work, it wasn't working properly, and so I took it down, and that's the reason this whole thing started. It also led to not being able to upload any videos for a few weeks, including nail videos, but that was behind the scenes, and I usually don't tell you that kinda stuff just because I'm not really sure you would care too much. Lol.

OH AND ONE MORE THING... so sorry I did NOT intend for this post to be so long!! :( Sorry about the length of the video... I tried shortening it, but I had a lot to say (as I always do, and it annoys me a lot) about the nail pen, but all in all I do really like it and will be using it in the near future (also in videos, if you want.)

This video was put up and taken down for maintenance. This is the same video and same review. Also, I have been trying to put this up for the last few weeks, and it has been failing. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey everyone!! When I was doing my contest, I got requested to do a review for the French Tip Nail Pen, so here it is! This is my first review, so hang in there ;) I did have a bloopers video for this video that I was going to put up, but there was a annoying ring at the beginning and I'm not sure why it was there... sorry about that. I did another review (that was much requested) that I haven't edited yet, so I will hopefully get a bloopers video up for that one :)

Let me know if you get the nail pen, and if you liked it. You can also send pictures of how you used it to the e-mail address listed above (contact me) if you would like :) I love seeing other peoples designs. Anyway, here it is.

P.S. When you first hit play, it might not start right away. Just wait a few seconds and it will go. It is loading the video.

Feel free to leave a comment below! I will answer any questions you might have, and I love getting comments! If you have any requests, please let me know :)

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