Monday, September 13, 2010

Back To School - Pencil Nail Art Design

Okay guys, I know I'm late! :( Buuut, maybe you can still used this design?? Hopefully?
Anyways, this is a realllly cute design! It's the top of a pencil, and I absolutely love it! Haha... I know it was a real quick and easy design, but hopefully you will still like it (:

Another thing - I am so sorry about the audio! I know it's terrible, but I have a crappy mic and this was the first time I narrated it in this editing system. I actually can't narrate it in Premiere Pro (or not that I know of. You probably can, but I haven't figure it out yet) so I'm narrating it in this cheap-o voice recording system. Next time I am hoping it will be better. There's really loud static in the background, and it's terribly quiet! Maybe if you turn your speakers all the way up you can hear it? SO sorry about that! It seriously wouldn't go any louder. I spent days trying to figure it out but failed. Miserably.

Colors used:
L.A. Colors Color Craze - Yellow (it doesn't have a name)
Mini Sally Hansen Hard As Nails - Silver (It doesn't have a name either)
Love My Nails - Palest Mauve

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