Saturday, September 18, 2010

Quiet in the Peanut Gallery!

Yesterday's cookies got me thinking about other cookies... namely, Nutter Butters. Then, thinking about Nutter Butters (besides getting me hungry) made me think of actual peanuts... which, in turn, got me thinking, hey- that might be a fun nail design! So, I bring you- peanut nails! :-D Don't mind the shimmer, apparently nail polish manufacturers can't seem to make a simple golden/tan/beige creme with no shimmer. (or I just don't know about one yet- so if you know of one that is similar to Classic Camel without shimmer, LET ME KNOW!

I used China Glaze Classic Camel as a base, then mixed with MAC Rich, Dark, Delicious for the darker lines, and with American Apparel California Trooper to highlight. Topped everything off with Essie Matte About You.

My left eye is twitching, that can't be good, right?

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