Monday, December 7, 2009

About me

Hi!! My name is Abby, and this blog is all about nails... there will be nail designs that are simple, but really cute. I originally had some nail designs on my craft blog but I decided to make a new blog just for nails. I really enjoy doing my nails... and I usually will always have some crazy design on them. I use inexpensive nail polish and inexpensive tools... and usually find stuff around the house to use instead of going out and buying something like it. I will share my tips and things that I do to make nail painting easier. I have a feeling I will not post on here as frequently as my other blogs...

Go check out my other blogs if you haven't already. You may think I am weird to have 3 blogs... but the first one is about me and whats going on here, the second one is all crafts and craft related things, and well, this one is obviously all about nails. If you have any questions, you can just ask, and I love to get comments! Also, if you have any requests about any nail designs you want me to create, I will certainly do that. I already got a few requests on my other blog, so I will be putting them on this blog when I do them. I think that's about it for me!


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