Monday, December 7, 2009

REQUEST: Smiley face nails!!!

Here are some smiley face nails that got requested... feel free to leave any comments. I will have a TON more nail designs and tips and everything about nails. I was gonna put music on it, but I forgot! Oops! It would take a long time to go back, put in music then save it again, and then upload it on blogger again... it would prob take about an hour. Here, again, is just lazy me! If you want to see a few more nail tutorials you can go to my craft blog and look at a few there. That is where I originally started putting my nail designs on, and I haven't transferred all of those videos to this blog. Every time I add a video from that blog to this one, I delete it on my craft blog. If you don't see the nail tutorial there, you can check this blog. BTW, my shirt said "Dear Santa, I can explain"

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