Monday, December 21, 2009

Cold as Ice

Day 69

You're as cold as ice, You're willing to sacrifice our love, You never take advice, Someday you'll pay the price....

Nothin' like a little Foreigner to jump-start your day, right? :-P Icicle nails today!! :) As you can see by the creases in a few nails, Seche Vite top coat has completely spoiled me.

and at an angle to see the sparkles...

I used OPI Ink Suede as a base, with China Glaze White on White for the icicles, and mixed with China Glaze For Audrey for the shading of the icicles. To top off the icicles, I used Pure Ice Oh, Baby!, a great (and CHEAP!) color from WalMart, of all places. I frankened a polish with a cheapie black polish and the result was one beautiful black w/ teal sparkled baby. I highly recommend it. It's an iridescent blue clear polish with iridescent glitters. :-P Love it. :)

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