Monday, December 7, 2009

Cherry Nails

Note: I did this a while ago and had it on my craft blog)

OK, so here is my first nail tutorial!! It is cherry nails :). Hope you like it!!

Song: Francesca Battistelli : Blue Sky (she sings "Free to be Me" and "I'm Letting Go") from her CD "My Paper Heart"

And just to let you know, I already applied my base coat ;)

P.S. when I said "leafs" on the video I meant leaves. I kept having to edit that part and for some reason it didn't save it like that... any other mistakes I made was probably because I was trying to hurry when I was making it... sorry!

The pictures didn't show up on video (for some odd reason!) so here they are:

The colors I used:

Clear (base coat and top coat)
Dark green
Light green
Dark brown (black would work if you don't have brown)

You can use one shade of green if you want to.
My nails were really long but I clipped them before I did this video :( lol

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