Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cow Nails (VERY easy)

NOTE: this was originally from my craft blog, but I just copied and pasted the words and re-uploaded the video. Hope you enjoy!

This is probably the easiest nails I have done besides just painting them. It is even easier than polka dots. I wasn't going to make a video of this, because it is so simple, but I thought why not? It is so simple, but not everybody thinks of cow print type stuff.... its always leopards, zebras, tiger, etc. So, I thought I would put it anyway :) Hope you enjoy!! If you want me to design a certain type of nail, you can just ask me to do one, and I will make it a video. I have gotten several requests lately, one to do a snowman. I thought of it already and did it, but took it off before doing my other hand. So, I didn't make it a video. That will be coming up after Thanksgiving, since there's really not enough snow on the ground to build a snowman. So that will be coming up, and if you have any others, request!! :) Thanks for watching/reading!!!

Song: Beautiful, Beautiful - by Francesca Battestelli from her CD "My Paper Heart"


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