Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bring on the Bleach Baby

"I’ve got the impression that the following months are going to be washed out. Everything comes out in the wash. And I’m not talking about ... hair. The jeans are a sky blue of years passed, the pinks are pale, the greys are pearl and let’s not even talk about beiges or khakis who are going to invade this entire blog so that you’ll beg me to find a more lively color to wave in front of you."

So I've gone a little wash-out obsessed, I've even washed out/varnished my hair and lightened the tips (thanx to Lauren Conrad inspiration as usual).

I think my hairdressers (yes there are more than one) must find me unbearable, because I often come in with a portfolio of pictures of the look and colour I want (blame Medical School & our deeply ingrained OCD mantra) and I've been cheating on my stylist! In fact I'm scared to go back because he's going to see the colour on my tips and know it's not his work.... Ahhh!!! But I need him to do my roots and trim -he's the best with a pair of scissors... Such a dresser debacle!

Faded... Like a pair of old jeans that have been washed, worn and left in the sun to dry. 
 Wonderful! I love it so much I had to post a pic! And I love my hairdresser! I mean hairdressers! 
*I do get really embarrassed to put up pics of myself but it seems lots of blogs do it so I'm going to try personalize a bit more.

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