Friday, November 12, 2010

How To: Apply Press-On Nails

 -I know I always have some kind of lame excuse, so my excuse for this time is that since my videos take about 8 hours at the very least to upload on to youtube, I normally do them overnight and then the next morning they still have an hour or two. I started this one in the morning expecting it to be almost done by night time. My brothers computer wasn't working so he got on mine, and he signed my out of my gmail. (Gmail and youtube are connected.) So it signed me out and after finally uploading the video, it couldn't post it because I was no longer signed in! And also after that my upload failed... lol.  So now I have to start it all over again... sorry for the long wait in between videos. It seems there's always something trying to stop me from posting them. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!!-

This tutorial will show you how to apply press-on nails in 8 steps.

The nails I will be using can be purchased at Walmart or any of your local drugstores. I got mine for around $5.99. Please don't feel obligated to get this brand! Use absolutely any brand you would like. This is just a brand I was recommended, and so I wanted to try it out. I might give my opinion later, but this is the first box of press-on nails, so I can't compare this brand to any other ones. 

The brand I'm using is a very common brand - Broadway Real Life Nails. Use whatever brand you prefer or is convenient for you.

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Hope you enjoy the design! Let me know if you tried this and how it worked for you. Thanks for watching!

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with the Broadway Real Nails company. I did not get this product for free, and my opinions are 100% honest. However, this video is not a review on the Broadway Real Nails fake nails, just showing you how to put on any type of fake press-on nails. I purchased this on my own, and nobody is paying me do this video. The company has absolutely no idea I'm even doing this tutorial.

Feel free to leave a comment below! I will answer any questions you might have, and I love getting comments! If you have any requests, please let me know :)

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