Tuesday, June 8, 2010

36 - 18 - 33

If Barbara Millicent Roberts, or as you may know her, Barbie, was a really person- THOSE would be her measurements- 36" 18" 33", and she would be 5'9". Can you imagine?!?! :) I have nothing against Barbie, I even owned a few in my day (though for some reason my sister and I shaved their heads at one point- did you know that doll hair doesn't grow back?!). To be honest, I still own ONE Barbie, it is the MAC Cosmetics & Barbie Limited Edition Barbie, but I bought that one because I'm a huge MAC dork. (and it is still in the box it was shipped in, INSIDE the packaging!) Anyway, reader Frannie B asked me if I could do a Barbie-inspired nail including the silhouette for her daughter, so here you have it... BTW, my nails have been pink two days in a row... I wonder what's going on with me?! *checks forehead* :-P

I used China Glaze Secondhand Silk as a base with Sally Hansen Professional Lavender Cloud to paint the B from the Barbie logo as well as the Barbie head silhouette. Topped everything off with Seche Vite top coat to make everything shine like the hard shiny plastic of Ken's junkless region below the belt. ;)

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